what students are saying

As I sort through my thoughts, I think about life’s journey and how Studio3 has become such an integral part of it. I came to Studio3 to make earrings with a group of coworkers and never left. I have to acknowledge the growth in my skills and creativity from the first pair of domed earrings to some of the more intricate pieces I now create.

I have pushed through personal boundaries by being part of Studio3. The turning point for me came in a Five Day Intensive Workshop/Retreat. I came to immerse myself in making jewelry and ended the week with a new knowledge of who I was and what I can do. Not necessarily all about jewelry either. The friendships, support, and collaboration are enduring.

Deb R.

Studio3 has helped me grow – as an artist and as a person.  I walked into Studio3 with zero prior jewelry making knowledge. Because of Sherri and the supportive, loving atmosphere she has created I have learned a new skill which I love.  But I have also gained confidence, and I’ve learned to better appreciate and utilize my own creativity.

Amy W.

Studio3 is a gem. Sherri is a patient and knowledgeable teacher. She and the other artists there inspire and motivate you to find the artist that lives within each of us.  The studio is beautifully appointed with the tools needed to create and learn.  Studio3 has become a refuge and the others there have become friends.

Pam S.

I have been fortunate to watch Studio3 grow.  Each year my appreciation for Sherri and her gift of Studio3 expands.  Studio3 is my sanctuary; a place for nurturing, sharing and encouragement.  It’s not just about the learning environment and being creative; it’s about the friendship, like minds and synergy.  It’s also about the coffee and chocolate!  From the second I walk through the door and smell the coffee, I am in my element.  It’s my therapy.

Teresa H.

It isn’t often you find the perfect atmosphere that fulfills your drive for creativity, where your flow of artistic passion runs rampant and inspiration is truly achieved.

Fabricating beautiful jewelry is exhilarating, lending to unbelievable enthusiasm and an obsession to create with your own two hands. At Studio3, I found acceptance and fellowship with a wonderful tribe of artists.

The owner and instructor, Sherri Burch, is a master of the profession who demonstrates patience and immeasurable artistic talent. From the beginner Bench classes to exciting workshops for all levels of skill, you won’t regret the decision to make Studio3 your place to be. Come fulfill your dreams!

Cheryl S.

Reflecting on 28 years of passion to create; learning and teaching, watching others as they grow in their creative abilities. To quote a friend, “Friends found in extraordinary places to bless our lives with insight shown, to expand the outlook of the mind toward peace, contentment and a job well done.”

Fran H.

I have been learning from Sherri for over 10 years. I have grown in jewelry making skills more than I could have imagined. Sherri has helped me let my artist out and I have made some pretty spectacular pieces of jewelry art.

Jimmi B.

I love going to Studio 3. It’s such a relaxing and friendly environment.  As a person with no jewelry making experience, I have learned so much and can’t wait for classes to start back up.

Paula H

Sherri is an incredible artist, teacher and all around benevolent human. I truly feel lucky to have found her and her studio. My first day I was so nervous not knowing anyone but quickly Sherri, Donna, and Susan made me feel like I was right at home. They have the patience of a saint and happily answer any and all questions. I am beyond ecstatic when class day rolls around, I can’t wait to get there. Every class I learn a new technique and better my skills. 

Her large studio is very open and has every tool imaginable for silversmithing. If you’re looking for good vibes, good people, and a place to learn the craft-look no further, the whole experience is a true gem.

Holly A.